Stamped Transformer Lamination

CWS Bytemark stamped lamination are made of the highest quality of silicon steel available in the industry.
These lamination are used by engineers to design low frequency (50/60 Hz) transformers and inductors. Applications are in power supplies, electronics, transportation and communications.

Most of the popular sizes are available from stock in our warehouse in Orange, California and are available for immediate pick up or shipment.
Our pricing is the most competitive in the market now, and we offer you, our customers, good cost savings to make your product more competitive in the market without sacrifices in the level of quality.
The table below shows the sizes that are stocked. The quantities available show the actual quantity in stock and they changed every day as new shipment goes in and out of our warehouse.

*Please note that quantity is based on weight (pounds). Lamination is sold per pound. Contact us for pricing.
Other shapes and thickness are available as we do custom tooling. We can also do stacked lamination using progressive die and tooling.

The grain oriented steel which is M6 material is available in 29 gauge as standard thickness. The non grain oriented M19, and M50 are available in 29 and 26 gouge.

Useful Design Formulas
Bm = 3.489E x 106 ⁄ NfAcKs Gausses L = 3.192 x 10-8µ N2AcKs ⁄ ℓ Henrys
E = 2.866 x 10-7 Bm N f Ac Ks volts N = 3.489 x 106 ⁄ Bm f Ac Ks turns
H = 0.4947 N I ⁄ ℓ Oersteds µ = B ⁄ H Gauss/Oersted

Ac = core cross section area (center leg width x stack heigh) inch2 Bm = maximum flux desnity, Gauss
ℓ = mean length of flux path, inch E = RMS sine wiave voltage of winding
f = sine wave frequency, Hertz H = magnetizing force, Oersted
Ks = lamination stacking factor (Ks x Ac = effective core area) L = inductance, Henry
I = current, ampere N = number of turns in winding
µ = permeability (CGS system), Gauss/Oersted
Silicon Steel Alloys
ASTM Thickness (mils) Description
M-6 0.014 Grain oriented 3.3% SiFe.
M-19 0.025 Non oriented silicon steels with 1.8 to 3.0% Si.
0.018 The fully processed grades have higher Si content and
M-22 0.025 are harder, Rb>75, after the final anneal. They are
0.018 available varnish coated. The semi processed grades
M-27 0.025 have a phosphate insulation, are always annealed after
0.018 stamping, yielding high permeability, and lower core loss
M-36 0.025 for a given silicon content. This table lists only the
0.018 semiprocessed grades.
Low Carbon Steel Alloys
ASTM Description
M-50 Low carbon steel insulated 0.025, 2.7-3.2W/#, 7VA#
M-55 Low carbon steel insulated 0.025, 3.7-4.2W/#, 7VA/#
M-56 Low carbon steel insulated 0.025, 4.3-4.8W/#, 8VA/#
M-65 Unannealed low carbon, 0.025, 6.5W/#, 15VA/#

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