Ferrite Rods

Ferrite Rods

AL (nH/Square Turn or nH/N2) is the AL value.
L is inductance in nH (nanohenries)
N is the number of turns of a wire
Required turns (N) = square root of (desired ‘L’ /’AL’), √’L’ /’AL’, or 1000 turns=’mH’ /’AL’, (square rooted)
CWS ByteMark Part Number is the part number to use to place purchase order. 1 inch = 25.4 mm
O.D./ W is the outer diameter or width of the Ferrite
I.D. is the inside diameter of a Ferrite Tube
HT is the Height of the Ferrite
LH is the Length of the Ferrite
Ferrites may come in the shape and characteristics of: solid Rods, Tubes (hollow center), solid Slugs and solid Plates (slates).
Color may vary by material and coating characteristics.
Custom block, characteristics, properties, size and shape can be requested.

For other product details refer to: http://www.bytemark.com

Please contact us for custom dimensions, cuts and shapes for ferrite slugs, strips, and rods.
Low order fees are charged to total a minimum payment of $25.
Quantity marked in red is subject to availability and prior sales, or back order.
Orders are processed in 2 to 3 business days.
Please call for volume and price inquiries or email sales@cwsbytemark.com

Part Number for Round Ferrite (Type – O.D. x Length – Material or Mix)

Part Number for strips or tubes is indicated by single instructed bracket guidelines (enclosed values).

Where sizes are divided by a 100 for measurements in inches.

Ex: R-037400-61.

R= Ferrite Rod 0.37 = O.D. Dimension, 4.00 = Length of the Ferrite Rod, 61 = Ferrite Rod Material.

Data enclosed in brackets, [], determines shape and characteristic.

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