CWS ByteMark manufactures these Baluns based on Dr. Jerry Sevick’s (W2FMI) design.
Custom K type permeability core is used to obtain the widest bandwidth.
1 Mhz to 50 MHz with lowest energy loss.
Typically insertion loss is less than 0.2 dB.
High Power Handling Capability – up to 10 Kw.
Highest voltage breakdown ratings.
Both “Current” and “Voltage” types available.
Aluminum case with SO239 connector and 2 ceramic feed through post as outputs. Custom case, fully encapsulation and other customization are available at added cost.
Dimension A : Height = 5.5″ ( 6.8″ including the flange). Width = 3.8″. Thick or depth = 2.3″.
Dimension B : Height = 5.8″ ( 7.3″ including the flange). Width = 4.8″. Thick or depth = 3.6″.
All units are weatherproof, built with non rusting materials.

CWS ByteMark Part Number is the part number to use to place purchase order. 1 inch = 25.4 mm

Low order fees are charged to total a minimum payment of $25.
Quantity marked in red is subject to availability and prior sales, or back order.
Orders are processed in 2 to 3 business days.
Items are sold only in as-is configuration, and packaged in individual boxes.
Please call for volume and price inquiries or email

Part Number: Balun type – ohms balanced to unbalanced
Ex: BAL-450 where BAL = Balun, 450 = ohms balanced to 50 ohms coaxial unbalanced.

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