Conditions Of Use


Orders placed via the Website will be treated as complete and exclusive written agreement between the parties (Seller and Buyer) and will supersede prior written and oral proposals and communications between the parties related to the subject matter of this agreement.

CWS Bytemark is not responsible for any typographic errors made throughout this Website including its content, design, specifications, drawings, and other publications. All such errors are subject to corrections by CWS Bytemark at its discretion and without notice.

Buyer shall agree that any furnished information to CWS Bytemark verbally or in written form shall be free from proprietary rights unless otherwise agreed.

Prospective customer shall establish a customer account in order to purchase products and services listed on the website.

Price and Availability of Products and Services

The prices and availability of products and services offered on this website are assumed correct and up-to-date unless Seller communicates to Buyer within reasonable time frame about any change in price and availability only after Buyer’s official written order has been received by CWS Bytemark. The prices and quantities are subject to change without notice by CWS Bytemark. at its sole discretion at any time. The final price and quantity shall be reflected on an invoice and packing list at the time of shipment of product.


Buyer shall pay all taxes associated with purchase and delivery of the product or service offered on this website. Unless provided pertained documents (Resale Certificate for California residents), taxes shall be charged to Buyer. The tax amount shall be reflected on an invoice and shall be part of the final amount.


CWS Bytemark offer various ways for Buyer to pay for products and services. Orders placed via this website may be paid via means of credit card or paypal service. To open credit account with CWS Bytemark, Buyer shall apply for terms. CWS Bytemark reserves the right to grant, deny, or ask for additional information to be provided by Buyer in order to establish credit.

Delivery and Shipments

Delivery terms shall be defined on written agreement (purchase orders, website orders). Shipping cost shall be Buyer’s responsibility, if not mentioned otherwise on written agreement. CWS Bytemark shall not assume any liability for loss, breakage, delay, or damage after delivering products to a designated carrier.

CWS Bytemark shall not be bound to a firm delivery date. Delivery date provided by CWS Bytemark during verbal or written communications shall be considered as the best estimated target date for delivery of products and services to Buyer.


CWS Bytemark reserves the right at any time and from time to time to make changes to design, technical specification, or construction of any product listed on this website without notice. CWS Bytemark also reserves the right to discontinue or limit sale of any product or service available throughout this website on temporary or permanently basis without notice.

CWS Bytemark highly urges users not to use products offered on this website for inappropriate use and applications. Products should be tested for its suitability by prospective customers in all possible applications and conditions.


Buyer has the right to reject the products in case when products failed Buyer’s specification requirements. Acceptance or rejection shall be made promptly within 30 days of the shipment of a product. CWS Bytemark shall replace rejected product or reimburse the charged price to Buyer in case of inability to delivery product that meet requested specifications. Buyer shall request Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) in order to return product when requested by CWS Bytemark. Products returned without RMA shall not be accepted and CWS Bytemark responsibility shall be waived.

Cancellation of Order

In the event of order cancellation, Buyer shall be entitled to pay cancellation charges. Cancellation charges consist of material, labour, semi-finished products, finished products, and other expenses only related to fulfilling Buyer’s order. Cancellation charges shall be reasonably determined by CWS Bytemark. In case of non-cancellable, non-returnable orders, Buyer shall be liable to pay in full.

Force Majeure Events

CWS Bytemark shall not be liable for any damages or losses or delays caused by acts of God or nature, the United States or foreign governments, fires, floods, explosions, earthquakes, or other major catastrophes, terrorist activities, and other events beyond CWS Bytemark control or influence.


CWS Bytemark warrants that products and services offered to Buyer shall be free from defects in design, materials, and workmanship. CWS Bytemarkoffers 1 year warranty on its products and services from the date of shipping and/or delivering service to Buyer. CWS Bytemark shall replace, rework, or refund to Buyer once mutually agreed. Please read Returns for returns instructions.

Warranty shall be revoked if product was misused, improperly installed, neglected, altered, repaired by other than CWS Bytemark’s employee, purchased from another company other than CWS Bytemark.

Law and Jurisdiction

The contract agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California. In case of any dispute, jurisdiction and venue shall be in the courts of the State of California.