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Chat Specialists provides 24/7 live chat monitoring solutions for websites. Our live chat solutions will increase your website’s conversion rate, and provide a better customer experience. We’ll turn your website visitors into customers.

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Flying Solo
  • Receive up to 30 Leads/Month
  • Suitable for websites with less than 1,000 visitors/Month
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Small Business
  • Receive up to 60 Leads/Month
  • Suitable for websites with less 4,000 visitors/Month
  • FB Messenger Integration
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Medium Business
  • Receive up to 125 Leads/Month
  • Suitable for websites with less than 7,000 visitors/Month
  • FB Messenger Integration
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Large Business
  • Receive up to 250 Leads/Month
  • Suitable for websites with less than 10,000 visitors/Month
  • FB Messenger Integration
  • Client Success Manager
  • 24/7 Concierge Support
  • 90 Day Success Plan
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Why Live Chat Works?
24/7 Support

Never miss another valuable chance to connect and engage with your website’s visitors.

Triple Conversions

It’s not uncommon for our chat solutions to triple conversion rates, with existing traffic.

Close More Deals

We engage and qualify your visitors, then send your sales team white hot leads.

Get Started Money Back Guarantee.
For most websites only 1-2% of visitors convert to a lead. Increase your conversion rate and provide a better customer experience with 24/7 live chat!
What Makes Live Chat So Powerful?
Get conversational

Adopt a conversational approach to every step of the customer journey to better engage visitors.

Increase sales leads

Increase your lead intake and fuel your sales team! People buy from people, not from static “contact us” forms.

Capture & qualify

We will only connect you with serious buyers, so you can focus on closing the next big deal.

After hours support

Visitors are on your websites around the clock. The Internet never sleeps, and neither do we!

A new source of leads

We don’t cannibalize your existing lead intake. Instead, we convert visitors who would’ve left otherwise.

Highly trained staff

Our highly trained chat experts know how to delight and convert your website visitors.

Try before you buy

You don’t need to pay us upfront. Let us prove what we can do with our free, no-obligation, 7-Day Trial.

More convenient

When customers want to learn about a product or service, live chat is one of the easiest ways to do that.

Improve customer support

Customers are highly satisfied because their questions are answered quickly and easily.

Implementation support

We can help you install the chat code snippet, and customize your chat widget to match your brand.

Get Started Money Back Guarantee.
You've got visitors on your website who want to talk now! Engage them with our highly-trained live chat agents!

Forget Annoying Chatbots. We Believe in the Power of Real Humans Who Care!

Provide a better customer experience and generate hot leads with live chat!

  • Have real conversations 24/7
  • Convert more visitors to leads
  • FB Messenger integration
How it Works
  • Agent,
    Are you looking to buy a new car?
  • Visitor,
    Yes, I want to test drive the new Lexus.
  • Agent,
    Yes! What's your name and phone number, in case we get disconnected?
  • Visitor,
    Sure. John Doe. 310.555.1212
  • Agent,
    Got it. Can you come today at 3 pm?
  • Visitor,
    Awesome! Thanks for being so helpful. Can't wait to drive that car!
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Learn if live chat makes sense for your company's website.

Is Live Chat Right for My Business?
  • Do you own your own business, or head up marketing at a law firm, digital agency, real estate firm, auto dealership, medical practice, construction company, SaaS company or fall in any of the industries we support?
  • Are you driving paid traffic to your website and it's NOT converting like you wish, and you're not quite sure what's stopping them?
  • Are you A/B testing non-stop, but to no avail? What you need are proactive live chat agents to grab website visitors, and convert them to hot leads!

What Benefits Can I Expect?
  • A sharp increase in conversions from your existing web traffic.
  • A quick and easy implementation of our chat software on your site.
  • Real customers on your website sharing their contact details with us.
  • Deeper knowledge of what keywords and campaigns are generating leads.
  • You will spend more time on closing new sales rather than capturing leads.
  • A more effective and economical solution than email or phone support.
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  • How much does it cost?
    It depends on how many chats you get per month (chat volume). We charge per chat. No matter the size of your company, we have a chat package that makes sense.
  • Will live chat help my customers?
    Absolutely! Live chat is the easiest and fastest way to help your customers who want to learn more about your product or service.
  • Can you use my live chat software?
    No. We prefer you use our software because it's the best, and we are experts at using it.
  • How do I get started?
    Sign up for a risk free 7-day trial, install the code we give you on your website & we are off to the races!
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Get Started Money Back Guarantee.
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